You’re the birthday girl

by stephen

Birthdays are one of the things we all have in common. Even if it’s just a nice meal in with your loved ones or a full blown party Kardashian Jenner style , we all celebrate it in our way. I love love birthdays and each year , I always try to do something better than the last.

The 21st is a big age so I was thinking big. I had to transform into a party planner overnight .  From the decorations to the music , everything had to be perfect to accommodate that red carpet dress I had in mind . I wanted an entry , to feel like a queen that I am for a day.

C’mon ,we all know birthdays are always an excuse to bring out the narcissistic vain nature in us  and no one can judge you cos you’re the birthday girl. Yes I did  exactly just that. The dress gave me the statement I needed to walk on the red carpet I picked up from local store, the silver belt created a nice silhouette to essentuate my curves (not much there but I work with it every time ).

I had no other choice to match it with a silver clutch and my bullet nails. Plain black strappy heels made the perfect sense as no attention needed to be taken off my statement dress, the chunky heel made it extra comfortable for me to dance all night long .

As I heard people chanting my name, I knew it was my time to shine. My Beyoncé heat perfume was the perfect scent to help me Chanel the inner Beyoncé in me.  As I stutted along that red carpet to my high chair. I thought this must be how celebrities feel regularly (I can imagine it getting exhausting after a while though ), but I look back at the memories now and think Yassss I did  that.

I got my birthday bang but most importantly I got to spend it with my loved ones who helped me every step of the way and nothing beats that feeling .


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