You Just Gotta Do It

by stephen

What’s up guys? It’s your girl Victoria back with yet again another post ;).

This outfit was inspired by Kevin Durant; love the way he plays and absolutely love his shoes. As you may/ may not be aware but I love love love playing basketball but it’s very rare I get the chance to these days so any opportunity I do get (especially if the weather is nice), I go all out and be the baddest MF on the court.

Don’t underestimate average sized people aka short players’ coz we’re closer to the ground so “theoretically” we’re rapid and can run circles around you.

I was going for the all Nike branded look and after picking my brand, I decided to pick my colours. I went with black and grey because it’s varied and if (when) I get dirty on the court; it doesn’t look too bad as they’re dark colours.

The top can be versatile; not only could it be worn to play basketball but can also be worn for athletics or just going to the gym. The shorts are so comfortable and they’re actually from the men section to tell the truth 😉

As you may have gathered, I wore this outfit to play basketball and I absolutely killed it on court if I do say so myself. The weather was actually nice (for once) on this day so defo was working up a sweat and had a great session.

Outfit Summary

Sports bra


Pro Tips ??

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Till next time, cash me outside how bow dah? 😉

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