by stephen
Kim K Inspo 2

I’m back and I’m better ? . Nah its good to be back. Exams are over, what a relief! The exam period is a stressful time for most and so that feeling when its over (regardless of how well you did) is always a great one. Then begins the postponed birthday dinners, parties, barbecues, cookouts and all that jazz. It is literally one of the most wonderful times of the year.

No one was “jingle belling” but everyone was of “good cheer” Wink face emoji ?. Although my pictures don’t show that “good cheer”, I’m very happy, I’m just not the biggest fan of smiling for photos lol. I wore this outfit to a friends dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Middletons Steakhouse and Grill in Leicester.

For the event, I was asked to come “smart casual” and for a minute, I was unsure what to wear. The “smart” part makes sense, you know, shirt, turtleneck, blazer, suit, those kind of things. But “casual”? That one had me thinking ?.

In the end, I went for a white Polo shirt, blue jeans and trainers, with sunglasses for just something to stand out. I was happy to find that what I wore was adequate for the meal and I didn’t look out of place.

Luckily, right next to the restaurant was some beautiful scenery. Which provided a nice backdrop for the photos.

The trainers are called Nike Air Presto and I honestly bought them because I needed new casual “everyday trainer” and I didn’t want something black. I decided to go for these grey/off colour ones. The trainers always look like they are a little dirty or there’s just something off about them which draws attention to them immediately you see it. The biggest surprise on putting them on is how light they are. I wouldn’t say it felt like walking on air but it was pretty darn close ?

Although exams are over, the joy of finishing is soon overtaken by the thought of the results. Here’s to a great one by God’s grace ?


What Aftershave ? ?

For me, the perfect aftershave to this would be the Davidoff Cool water Eu de Toilette from Fragrance Direct who is currently offering free delivery with the code “TREATDAD” so now would be a great time to shop.


Outfit Summary

Round Lense Sunglasses
Polo Shirt
Blue Skinny Fit Washed Jeans
Nike Air Presto Ultra Breathe

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