TGIF when it’s not Friday

by stephen

Hey lovely people, welcome back to my page 😉

Thank God it’s Friday when it’s Tuesday. We all wish everyday could be Friday but then again that depends on what your Fridays are like. It was my friend’s birthday and we were to go to this restaurant called ‘TGIFridays’ and the idea of it is that whenever you go in there you feel like it’s a Friday which means feet up and get comfortable.

As always I never know what to wear until the day then I’m stumped for ideas. Luckily it was warm on this lovely Tuesday evening so I was able to whip out my shirt styled playsuit which I think is absolutely cute. The idea of getting comfortable at this restaurant resonated hence the choice of my outfit; this lovely khaki alternative is from boohoo.

My outfit was colourful enough so everything else I paired with the outfit was black as this is a neutral colour. My clutch was black and nothing beats that as every girl needs a purse. My heels were plain and simple but very effective. Lastly I wore my fishnet tights and as you know these are becoming very fashionable at the moment and they go very well with a lot of things.

I felt very relaxed in my outfit; the material for my playsuit was silk/ satin which on the skin feels absolutely lovely. Overall, it was a great night and I ate quite a bit but the plus side to things was that nothing could be seen through the outfit especially in the middle section region haha.

The perfume I wore on the night was Lady Million by Paco Rabanne; absolutely gorgeous.

Outfit Summary

Fishnet tights

Till next time, cash me outside how bow dah? 😉

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