Sūpābanda スーパーバンダ

by stephen

This look is one that I’m going to be flexing with more often, inspired by all the Chinese and Japanese people I follow on Instagram. They are hands down the best dressed people on this planet that’s no exaggeration, they come with all types of jaw dropping styles and flavours that you just have to admire, which is why one day I would love to visit Japan hand have a deeper look into their fashion culture.

This is the same bomber jacket I wore in the “Birds In The Trap Meet SA” post but the reverse side, so like I said before this jacket has a lot of versatility and can be used with various styles, in this case I’ve used it in quite a smart/classy way with the white open button white Zara shirt, the reason I left a few buttons undone is because I didn’t want it to look like I was going to church or something like that, I wanted to look smart but casual at the same time. On the back of the jacket by no coincidence has one of the cities in Japan I’d like to visit “Kyoto”, this bit of detail on the jacket was a contributing factor to me purchasing it.

It’s rare that I wear a shirt tucked in but I felt that with the belt being a similar colour to the boots that having it on show would complement them and make the shirt stand out more, plus it adds another colour other than black and white to the outfit.

For me the most important part of this outfit is the Chelsea boots, I know that any other type of foot wear with this outfit wouldn’t have worked as well, and would’ve taken away the smart element away from the fit.

The glasses I’m wearing aren’t prescription ha-ha, they’re clear lens from h&m, a very good accessory to have in your locker, and the ladies love them.

At first I didn’t think this look/fit wouldn’t suit be, mainly because of what I normally wear is more street fashion, so I didn’t think I had it in me to go from one extreme to another, but it turns out I do, now this is something I’m going to be wearing a lot more, with different variations and combos in the near future.

Outfit Summary

Chelsea Boots

Thanks for reading guys, till next time! Peace! Make sure you come back for more 🙂

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