Sunday’s Best

by stephen

The reason I chose to buy this outfit was not simply because of it’s cuteness but because of it’s style. Upon walking into new look I was immediately drawn to it by the distinctive colours of the jumper which I thought had an autumn theme to it as this was the season we were in. It was a mixture of both smart yet casual at the same time. I straight away realised that it could serve two purposes. One of which was to keep me warm and the other to look good. Another reason I chose to buy this jumper was because of its soft texture making it very comfortable to wear.

I felt warm and comfortable wearing this out fit. The colours and the material inspired light to me. It also made me feel confident and bold, putting a smile on everyone’s  face. This outfit proved popular with the people that saw me in it, they all wanted to know where I got the jumper and heels from.

I wore this outfit to church on a sunny Sunday afternoon as I was going for something smart but casual and something I can move in freely as I love to worship God through dancing during praise and worship.

Most Importantly, What Perfume ? ?

It was a tough decision but in the end, the Olympea intense perfume won due to the fact that it has a sweet but strong smell which stays on for hours.

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