Style: A Play on Perception

by stephen
A Girlie Weekend Away! 3

Fun fact:

Charles Macintosh, a Scottish chemist, invented the world’s first piece of waterproof fabric. The humble Mackintosh coat, also known as an outdoor rain jacket, first appeared in London during 1823.

When out taking pictures for this new post, the funniest thing happened, an elderly lady came out of her house, the first thing that came to mind was “oh dear, she probably wants to chase us off her porch”, but it turns out she was sweet and curious about what we were doing. She introduced herself and asked if I was famous. To my surprise, a group of kids no older than 8 years followed, pulling up around the corner on their bicycles with the same question over to me from the other side.

What was my response? Well, of course I said yes… I joke. However, I did say, “Not yet, but I’m working on it”.

I guess I’m not doing a bad job. You are, after all, here reading this. ??

This had me thinking about why they would have asked me this question. Although, I get the occasional ‘you look like Wizkid’ or someone famous it’s not a question I get asked everyday… Hard to believe, right?

Even though I had a friend taking pictures, I couldn’t help but feel that these questions sprung from how I was dressed and how that came across to them. I contemplated about how personal style affects other people’s perception of you. It can be said that style can have a play on perceptions.

In many ways style is synonymous with human nature in the sense that it is multi-faceted, i.e. having many faces. This is a side that we seldom embrace. Take for instance the movie Catch Me If You Can, in this movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays a con artist who impersonated people to defraud banks. And rightly depicts the influence of style and the way people perceive you.

People often make the mistake that having a full wardrobe constitutes having style. Style is the fabrication of clothing and mannerisms. DiCaprio demonstrates that merely wearing clothes matching the persons he was trying to impersonate wasn’t just enough, he had to combine the clothing alongside mannerism. It was this unorthodox combination that led to his success.

Why did I choose to buy this outfit?

This is an outfit idea you can easily put together at this time of the year. The Boy London tee shirt, golden brown H&M skinny chinos and Comme Des Garçons converses shriek summer time. Although we are nearly there it’s not quite summertime as we still have cold spells. And what better choice than to accompany this outfit with a nicely fitted Forever21 leather jacket.

The baseball cap is becoming a statement piece ?? of this generation and rightly so, as you are able to easily throw it on different type of outfit.

What Aftershave ? ?

Zara Unbreakable – this season Zara has really outdone itself with its fragrances. This is another candidate for a daily fresh, sweet scent this summer. Here are some of its ingredients: Laurel – Bergamot – Lemon – Tangerine – Cedar – Musk.


Outfit Summary

Skinny Fit Chinos
Leather Jacket
New Era Hat
Boy London T-shirt


To conclude, style is a powerful tool with which you can choose to become whoever you want to be. An endless supply of opportunity to reinvent yourself. Style is part of the fabric of our being and as such it is something we should all embrace and not shy away from.

You have probably heard the saying that the world is your oyster. But hear ye, I say to you fashion is your TFL (Transport for London), and style is your oyster card with unlimited credit.

I leave you with this:

As you get ready for work, dinner, night out or even a day out, I implore you to embrace your true nature to become your best self.


David Babudoh.

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