Simple Meets Chic

by stephen

I wore this outfit last week to run a couple errands in town. Get my eyebrows done, go to the bank and buy some groceries for my lunch at  work. This is my normal go to look. Depending on how I’m feeling, I will pair this with trainers, if the weather decides to be gloomy (You can never trust this Northern English weather!) or some casual Chelsea boots.

I wanted to wear something simple but still look edgy. The good thing about wearing a graphic t-shirt , is it can be paired with almost anything!  It can be used for a super casual look or be switched up into a more dressy evening look. Also, it’s still a tad cold for me outside (Summer where art thou?) so, I chose to wear my  leather jacket ( An  item I think every girl should have in their wardrobe)

This outfit definitely gave me that cool edgy vibe. I liked this look because it was so easy to wear , comfortable and doesn’t look like I’m trying to hard. I was able to get everything done without feeling too hot,cold or uncomfortable. What I love about this outfit, is it’s VERSATILITY. If you wanted  a more night out look (A few drinks in town or a meal with a couple of work colleagues) You can ditch the jeans and still look fashionable or you can wear a high waisted leather skirt.

Most Importantly, What Perfume ? ?

I had to go with Jimmy Choo.

There’s no rules to fashion , you can mix it up however you want. It’s great!

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Outfit Summary

Item Store
Graphic T-Shirt
Knee High Boots
Skinny Jeans
Leather Jacket
Perfume – Jimmy Choo


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