Simple is Key

by stephen

What can I say about this outfit? Well it was a sunny/rainy Sunday, so typical for a British weather. Even I got confused as to what jacket to put on. I decided to go for the denim jacket.

I know you can’t really see this but I’m wearing a black pinafore dress with a white tshirt, some tights, finishing off the outfit with the super stars trainers. It was a simple outfit but cute at the same time. I wore a small body bag to go with it as I was going for the minimal look.

This outfit was actually worn to church. It was the perfect thing to wear to church for a day of worship and dancing. Don’t usually wear pinafore dresses but this was a safe push for a nice cute outfit.

What Perfume ? ?



Outfit Summary

Pinafore Dress
Adidas Shoes
Denim Jacket


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