by stephen
Pastel 1

My favourite colour is blue, navy blue. I wish I had some deep insightful reason as to why but I don’t. There’s just something about it that makes me feel calm, at peace, cool yet full of life, you know? Looking at that door reminds me of the endless dreams and possibilities I had as a child, some of which I still hold now. (I used to say I’d invent the first flying car without knowing I’d end up disliking physics lol).



What am I trying to say? Its an awesome image with an awesome blue door lol. Seriously though, this outfit was inspired from last summer. I remember having a conversation with a friend about pastel colours and using them in a photo-shoot. At the time, I had no pastel colours so for the following weeks I actively sort to buy a “baby blue” (Had to be something blue as its the closest to navy blue in my head) top and I got this one.



I wasn’t sure i liked it at first to be honest and contemplated returning it. But my contemplation could only last 14 days so I ended up having to keep it. I’ve been looking at it in my wardrobe since then, not sure how to incorporate it until I thought to combine it with a background also filled with pastel colours especially pink. Unfortunately, these ones are most likely out of stock so I have provided two links below to a “baby blue” and a turquoise shirt. Both I believe would work well with this outfit.



The door isn’t a pastel colour which I at first thought was a shame but then I realised it added a certain boldness to these photos that was otherwise lacking. In general though, this was a pretty simple outfit for a chilled summery day. Nothing really stands out about it but it just breathes fresh air. It reminds me of freshly bloomed spring flowers.


What Aftershave ? ?

It would have to be the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Parfum as it just fits in with the vibes of this outfit.


Outfit Summary

White Shorts
Leather Bag
ZX Flux Trainer


Anyhow, thats todays outfit. I hope you liked it. Please add any comments below and enjoy there rest of your day ?

Thanks for reading. Peace ✌?


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