Health is Wealth….(The best investment you can make is to invest in your life)

by stephen

Health is wealth…. The best investment you can make is to invest in your life. We have entered the era of looking good. Over the past year and half I feel fitness and health has become more popular. People care more about what’s in their food, how things are made, their own personal health and physical look.

This might have been the reason for the spark of more workout clothes looking more fashionable.  From crop tops, brightly coloured pants and hoodies which have been designed to look now like everyday casual wear. I love going to the gym. Especially when I can see the progression I’ve made ??. Working out makes me feel proud that I’ve done something productive and makes me feel healthy.

I usually stick to black gym gear because it matches with everything. These flowery gym pants have a bit of an edge. Bright and colourful gear is in. The black background makes the flowery abstract design stand out wen more. They show off and define the shape even more, what girl doesn’t enjoy wearing gym pants!

It’s always a plus ? I usually pair this with a tank top or plain black t-shirt (as shown) If I wore anything else it would be too much of a clash. I also bring my gym bag with me. Inside, I usually pack my sports bottle, water bottle, towel , resistance bands and  my headphones. I love these gym pants, the length is perfect for summer when it gets hotter, I can give my legs some air haaaaaa. (click here)

I went to the gym that’s in my local town. Exercise 4 less. It is equipped with the machines that I regularly use, so I get good use out of the gym membership. (I’m yet to attend a class). Hope you enjoyed my post and remember… HEALTH IS WEATH!

What Perfume ? ?

Considering I was going to sweat. I decided again to opt for my Korres, lemon body scrub. which I used after my workout , This left me feeling clean and refreshed ?


Outfit Summary

Gym Pants
Black T-Shirt


Pro Tips ??

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