“Emilio Pucci, Pucci be different than Gucci” – Future

by stephen

Right guys, this is my first ever blog post so please bare with me on this one. I can however, absolutely (? 1’hunna %) guarantee you – if you tune into my (regularly) scripts your life will change forever (lol, jk – if you ain’t got no SAWCE ain’t nothing I can do for you, sorry).

So… today’s (? fire) fit today consisted of simplistic pieces, which ultimately make me feel comfortable but also ready to SLAY (as any other day, so of course, today was no exception). Lucky for me, the dress code at work is extremely relaxed (especially on a Friday) so sticking together an outfit whilst not really having to worry about how “formal” it is is pretty cool. If you’re reading this whilst sat at your 9-5pm corporate job listen; THERE IS STILL HOPE. Or you can look on the bright side and consider yourself lucky you only have to think of two fits for the weekend. Either way you look at it, continue reading. It gets better, promise….

But yes, moving on steadily and getting into a little more detail (disclaimer: I don’t do labels but I’m forced to write this so if you’re like me, I authorise you to skip this part) today’s outfit consisted of:
– Ravenous “R” Logo Sweatshirt
– ASOS Cream Chinos
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70′ Low
– Blenheim London Watch
& of course, a Hungarian gangsters vintage ring (no joke, s/o Joe on this one)

Now we got to boring part out the way it is worth mentioning weather/environment/whatever Future track I’m reciting word for word dictates my chosen (out)fit for the day. And since the weather Gods decided to grace Birmingham with a sunny forecast, it was rude not to make use of the subtle/summery tones (clothes have feeling too, you know). In addition to this, balancing light/dark tones whilst not comprising the look and most importantly, comfort of your day-to-day fit is something I at least find enjoyable.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the simplest pieces that make a good fit so having the freedom to do this everyday is priceless!

Giziel Lima

That’s a wrap for now folks, keep an eye out for my next post (I’ll try and post a frequently as possible but I’m 24/7 busy trappin’ so please, allow me). Feel free to follow me on socials though for a deeper insight into my day to day:


Peace motherfuckers x

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