by stephen
Elroy 1

Elroy was a young 20 year old in the early 90’s who -inspired by the graffiti phenomenon across the United States and the rest of the world- became the scourge of the Leicester Street Patrol Service (LSPS).

He was elusive, mysterious, intelligent and overall, an excellent artist… Okay, okay, maybe that was all lies but looking at the graffiti, it seems like a suitable back-story, no?

Todays outfit is one I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Especially the Dungarees. Combine that with an Oversized Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt, some White Trainers, excellent sunshine and a sharp trim, you’ve got yourself a banging summer outfit.

This outfit plus the environment felt like I was thrown back in time, which is reflected in how I’ve edited the photos. Reminds me of a young Will Smith (If I say so myself ?). These particular ones are from Boohoo but are currently unavailable so I’ve provided an alternative from New Look.

Onto the shoot itself and what a shoot it was. Would it shock you if I said we got this shot on the first try? We did lol. It was very surprising. Then we tried again and again to replicate it but it was never as good as this one sadly ?

This shoot was actually very fun. We had loads of ideas. Trying them out and seeing some of them come together was particularly exciting, especially the shot of me running on air or the shot of me through my sunglasses. Don’t mind the sulking face lol


What Aftershave ? ?

This outfit had me feeling all kinds of wavey with the satisfying feeling that I was representing correctly 90’s babies. With that said, I’d have to go with the Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Spray due to the obsession for CK one’s in the 90’s.


Outfit Summary

Round Lense Sunglasses
Pale Blue Ripped Dungarees
Oversized Vertical Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt
ZX Flux Trainer


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Till next time beautiful people! Peace ✌?

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