Easter Weekend Comeback

by stephen
Easter Weekend Comeback 3

I’m back and after that Easter weekend going out partying I thought to myself I need to get right back on track and get back in the gym ‘it’s now or never’ so I got myself back into my routine.

I absolutely love my gym clothes I would live in them if I could ? I think every girl or guy even could agree with me on this.

Stretchy and good fitting ?? showing off all your best ‘ASSets’ ?? for me when buying gym clothes I go for comfort but still style at the same time and that’s the reason I went for these gym pants they are high waisted which I LOVE, stretchy, thick and also has the small lace up detail on the sides giving it that stylish girly look which I happened to of been asked a few times now in the gym off different women on where I got these pants from and once I saw the price tag they were just a deal breaker!!

Next, sports bra (very important girls) I have lots of these I can’t not wear one when training they hold everything in and make them stay put (if you know what I mean) ? have to be padded also as I’m not blessed up top unfortunately ?? haha.

I chose the top as it’s comfortable and again has that stretch material and adidas which is one of my favourite brands! My trainers are my fave of all the outfit just based on pure comfort with them being memory foam and VERY VERY light they are great for any high intensity training like the treadmill or even weight lifting.

This gym bag is a lifesaver it’s huge so fits everything in that I need aka ‘my life’ and again this has that girly look with the obvious reason of it being BRIGHT PINK you can’t miss me ? .

Outfit Summary

Sports Bra


Pro Tips ??

Tip 1: Get 20% Off at New Look UK with a student discount.

Pro Tip 2: Use code “KILLINIT” to get Next Day Delivery for £1.50 at Pretty Little Thing.

Tip 3: Get 30% Off at Missguided UK with a student discount.

So guys I’m guna get on with my workout (I’m dreading) ? and keep a look out for discount codes and obviously my next post ? stay fit peeps ✌?

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