Down By The River Side

by stephen

What’s up guys? It’s your girl Victoria back with yet again another post 😉

How do you manage to be bold without wearing any bright colours? The answer is black and white. Good old fashioned black and white strikes again! I absolutely love the top I’m wearing within this outfit as it has lace all over and the way they’ve designed it with the see through arms just adds that sexy look to it.

Anything with lace on, count me in; just love the damn things.

I chose this outfit because my friend had an upcoming wedding shoot at the location in which these pictures were taken and he said wear something “nice” so I thought well if it’s for a wedding then white is a must and black goes with everything so it’s a win win situation 😉

It was just a very calm casual day to walk around the reservoir and to enjoy the beautiful sight that Birmingham had to offer. On the other hand, this outfit can be very versatile and worn to any occasion such as a party, meal or even dancing ;).

I love the jacket because it was large enough to wrap around myself but it also had pockets. I don’t know about you but when it comes to long jackets/ coats which are very flowy, I love to be able to put my hands somewhere and not just on my waist so I think this was an added bonus to the outfit.

This outfit was very comfortable and the materials were soft which to me meant I could cover myself up with the jacket and fall asleep anywhere I put my head down to rest. As for perfume, I was wearing the Beyoncé heat which is one of my absolute favs.


Outfit Summary



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Till next time, cash me outside how bow dah? 😉

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