Big Bro’s B’day

by stephen

Guess who’s back?

It was my older brother’s birthday not too long ago and my mind was absolutely blank as to what I could wear to his surprise meal so I thought why not whip out that little cute dress that has not yet seen the light of day so that’s exactly what I did.

When in doubt, whip out that little nice dress, I promise you it always saves the day. So yeah, that’s why I chose this outfit as I was just so clueless in what I wanted to wear plus it was warm so white and yellow seemed appropriate. I couldn’t find the exact one so I have left you two amazing alternatives which will look brilliant also; one of them is from pink boutique and the other from rosegal.

I pared the dress with some lovely yellow gold heels as the colour matches with the dress. The heels were sparkly and quite frankly I felt like a princess ;). Again, I couldn’t find the exact ones but I have left you with a rose gold alternative from asos which I think is absolutely brilliant; as you know rose gold items are in lately and they’re gorgeous.

Nothing beats your good old fashioned plain black clutch bag, it was only right as black went with everything; this one is from new look so make sure you check it out. Lastly, the last piece to this cute puzzle was my choker; chokers have been in for a little while now and in my opinion, brings the look together. I love chokers that much that if I don’t wear it my neck feels naked haha J

I wore this outfit to my older brother’s surprise birthday meal, if you ask me he’s getting too old J. On that note, please check out his website at ;).

The perfume I used on the evening was the Euphoria by Calvin Klein which is just peng.


Outfit Summary

Dress 1
Dress 2


Till next time, cash me outside how bow dah? 😉

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