by stephen

Hey beautiful people,

It’s the month of May and I’ve got a new style that YOU may be interested in.

For this style, I think we need to take it back to the 90’s! Where the old sckool was a time of making a STATEMENT and although I don’t have a favourite brand, (well not quite yet…), ADIDAS as always been a brand that has been iconic, mixing the old with the new.

This ADIDAS dress jumper was rare to find but luckily, I was fortunate enough to get it at Urban Outfitters during the Christmas period. Guess what!?! You can still get it on their website for just £48.00!

Even though it’s May, it’s still quite chilly in England sigh. But this didn’t discourage me as I chose to wear this dress jumper, which just flown perfectly well with those superstars. While wearing this, I felt like one of those “cool kids”?.

I got this dress jumper because it’s one of a kind and I haven’t seen a lot of people wearing this, which made me feel exceptional. You can also get one of yours and we could be matching ?

If you don’t like showing your legs, you can always wear tights which goes well with this outfit.

What Perfume ? ?

Ted Baker


Outfit Summary


Pro Tips ??

Tip 1: Get 20% Off at New Look UK with a student discount.

Pro Tip 2: Use code “KILLINIT” to get Next Day Delivery for £1.50 at Pretty Little Thing.

Tip 3: Get 30% Off at Missguided UK with a student discount.



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